Branding Strategy & Insight Session + Messaging Mothersauce

Get to the heart of: Who’s my ideal client? What is my unique value? What the heck is it that I really do? And how do I get it to the people who need it the most?

You’ve racked your brain. Tried a hundred elevator speeches and “borrowed” copy that feels like, nope, that’s still not it. (You can tell, because you’re getting leads you want AND a whole bunch you don’t want).

You’ve workshopped, brainstormed and masterminded ad nauseum. And you’re still coming up… vague. Unclear. And frustrated. OR… You’ve GOT all the pieces (congratulations!), you KNOW what you do – but are now faced with: HOW do I put it all together and translate it into copy and content?

Branding Strategy & Insight Session includes:

  • Intensive review of your existing messaging.
  • 2-hour deep-dive / lightning insight session: I tap decades of work in branding, marketing and business as well as my fine-tuned intuition and empathy with you AND your clients.
  • Audio recording + transcript of our session so you can mine for content and inspiration. (Priceless!)
  • Brand Messaging Mothersauce is a personalized document distilling what emerged from our session into tangible, applicable copy, giving you the next steps to bridge the gap between insight and action.
  • It is a rich reduction of your messaging used to flavor and create all your other verbal branding, so that every word that emerges from your business is aligned and on brand. This is the branding document that you can then hand off to your marketing team to guide them as they produce copy for you.


The Brand Messaging Mothersauce includes:

  • Distillation of target clients, keywords, compelling nuggets, what sets you apart, highly marketable attributes, your drivers, and defining quotes.
  • Material and content that become the guiding principles and springboard for your elevator speech, web copy, blog articles, social media posts, and more.
  • Guidelines on how and where to apply your mothersauce.