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Irresistible Sales Page:  We take the juicy goodness from our session together and distill it into the crystal-clear elements of a sales page, pulling your reader inexorably toward your call-to-action (“click here”). Seasoned with pull questions, social proof and client success stories, it is a fine dance between emotional connection and motivation.

Trust Building Email Campaign: The rules of an email campaign are simple. Catch my attention so I open it (powerful subject line), connect with me (aww, I like her, I really like her!), gimme value (don’t just sell me), and entice me toward a call-to-action. Keep it simple. Keep it interesting. Woo me.

Web Copy: Option A – Basic web copy package, including branding strategy and insight session, messaging mothersauce, and 5 done-for-you web pages. Option B – VIP Deluxe web copy package, including branding strategy and insight session, brand messaging mothersauce plus advice and editing on up to 3 additional pages of copy you provide (FAQ, Praise and Products, for example).

Blog Articles: Articles that capture your voice and incite the audience to action, researched and delivered weekly.

[Insert Project Here]: Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? No problem. We have helped our clients with everything from scripts for online trainings, to opt-in lead generation offers, to LinkedIn pages, to signature talks. Bios, flyers, event pages. Resumes and career docs are another specialty and where Charisse got her start as a professional writer (although she’s been writing since knee-high to a grasshopper). So don’t hesitate to ask for a customized quote!

One-off Projects: The easy-peasy way to access my services on an as-needed basis. Purchase “banks” of time for: booster strategy and insight sessions for overall brand, project or launch brainstorming, strategy and guidance • On-demand editing of existing copy and content • Select copywriting projects, for those onesie-twosie on-the-fly projects that come up: what your business needs most in the moment.