Who you are

  • You’re a leader – whether of a business, community, family, and/or team.
  • You lead with your heart. You may identify as an intuitive, empath, or sensitive.
  • You are a changemaker. Guided by a larger purpose, you may call yourself a way-shower, industry changer, lightworker and/or healer.
  • You are spiritual. You believe in a higher power, in an organizing principle that connects us all: Source, God, Goddess, Divine Mother, All That Is, the Universe.
  • You desire to be wildly successful. You are ambitious and driven – you want a successful business and prosperity, but not at the price of ease and fun. (Not to worry, that “no pain no gain” philosophy is so last millennium).
  • You are here to guide and tend the global paradigm shift, toward greater balance and the embrace of all perspectives as equally valuable. Call it the Rising Feminine, balancing yin and yang, bringing balance or healing to any vertical or industry, rewilding the natural world, and honoring our wisdom as a collective by deeply respecting the experience of all people and creatures… We are on the same team.
  • Many of you, women and men alike – if you’re drawn to my work – are one of the many queens, witches, priestesses, midwives, wise women and courtesans (often all of the above), who once guided our spiritual and communal path. We are back, and we’ve got sh*t to do. Welcome home, beloved.

What you're experiencing right now

  • Lack of focus. You’re having a terrible time concentrating, feeling scattered and easily distracted.
  • Isolation. You may feel isolated, or miss the ordinary social interactions that normally fill our days.
  • Uncertainty. You’re unsure how to market in these extraordinary times, and don’t know how to pivot your business to meet a rapidly changing environment.
  • Higher sensitivity and emotions. Emotions are running high, and you are unsure how to process all of them. You may feel anxious, impatient, uneasy, sad or angry – sometimes all at the same time!
  • Challenged boundaries. You are likely working from home, often along with partner, children, etc. You may have noticed that your clients are needier and more reactive, as they are under similar stress. 
  • A need for better energy and time management. Even with fairly honed skills in this area, these unprecedented circumstances have pushed you to their limits, and you could use additional tools, support and guidance.
  • Fatigue. You’re feeling more tired and depleted – petering out and/or wanting to head to bed earlier than usual.

Ready to experience something different?

You mean, create wild success, without sacrificing my pleasure or happiness? No matter what’s going on ? 

Yes, my loves. In fact, the answer is in the question.

Why do this with me, Charisse

I channel Divine guidance and wisdom as an Ambassador for the Sacred Feminine and Unconditional Love. (If you were wondering just how “woo” I was…. Well, the cat is now out of the bag.)

But I am pragmatic woo:

I translate the information downloaded into life, business and marketing strategy, drawing on my experience as a longtime entrepreneur, business owner and chief strategist of a 6-figure content marketing agency, as well as lifelong student of personal development.